About the Conservatory

Scottsdale Conservatory of Performing Arts is dedicated to provide the highest caliber of artistic excellence in the performing arts. Our premiere state-of-the-art facility is located at Dance Fusion AZ, serving all of the greater Phoenix area and community. Jillian Englund, founder and creative director of Scottsdale Conservatory, seeks to fulfill its vision - training and presenting the greatest of performers and performances, nurturing new works and young artists, and fostering a society in which every child and adult receives the extraordinary gift that comes from participation in the performing arts.

Jillian has performed on some of the greatest stages across our nation moving audiences around the world. She has written a musical stage production titled "Somebody, Love Me" along with Jim Peterik who is responsible for the song Eye Of The Tiger from the movie Rocky. The group, Boyz To Men as well as Kevin Savigar, who co-writes and produces music for Rod Stewart has also been involved in the creative process of the musical as well. Her book by the same title has been published by Baker Books. Jillian has also worked and recorded with Brad Boxer, Janet Jackson's producer, Survivor, Larry Bastain (writer of many Garth Brooks hits), Eric Young (writer on the movie Free Willy), and many more. A best-selling author of "Please Somebody Love Me", Jillian has recorded, produced, and directed with some of the most acclaimed Grammy Award Winning Artists in the Entertainment Industry. Jillian has been offered roles on Broadway, been a guest of former first lady Laura Bush, and has performed in the presence of Prime Ministers and Heads of State, yet she has stayed true to her calling and longs to impact our next generation of talent through the power of visual and performing arts. For more information about Jillian go to www.jillianmusic.com.